Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Health Care and You

Once again we see the Conservative cause reel as a result of failed opportunity.   SCOTUS should not be an issue today and the bloated monster that is Obamacare should have been still born.  

The easy points first:  SCOTUS should put Obamacare in the crapper.  Why?  No one in this universe knows what it is.  That isn't why they will kill it, BTW, but it is the primary reason that it should be killed.  It contains 2400 +/- pages of what is called enabling legislation.  You probably missed that in Civics class cuz you were eyeballing cute little Amy something or other.  Fact is that Obamacare creates a bureaucracy of epic proportions.  How big?  Don't know, can't know.  But it will have the power to enter every aspect of your life.  From, eventually, making heath care decisions for you to deciding what your end of life treatment will be to mandating that every single record that relates to you should be put in a searchable data base.  Doubt it?  Then go read it.  Which brings me to the main point of this missive.  No one knows what is in it nor can any reasonable intelligent citizen figure it out.  It refers to other ponderous legislation on a regular basis and requires thousands more pages of equally turgid writing to be available in order to figure out exactly what it says.  That is not the way Democracy ought to be, Amigos.  Bills passed against the national will written in such a way that no one can understand them.  That is the basis for tyranny.  

See, what is going to happen is that a raft of bureaucrats, little teeny things in cheap suits, are going to make rules that concern your day to day life.  No one will know who these bureaucrats are and they are completely anonymous.  They cannot be fired and their number will grow to make and administer more and more rules.  The Obamacare edifice will never get smaller and it's cost to all of us will mount and mount.

Why should it be kept?  What do it's supporters cite as great reasons for opening our country to this horror?  Generally four things:

1- Pre-existing conditions are covered
2- Kids can be covered by their parent's policies into young adulthood
3- You keep your coverage job to job
4- Everyone is covered

OK ladies.  Do you have your heads in your ass?  Do you seriously buy the need for 2400 +/- pages of opaque writing to accomplish these things?  Do you think, for one moment, that this is all that Obamacare does?  I have a bridge for you and I have a kick in the ass for the Republicans.  The number of pages of legislation needed to accomplish those things is .... what ... 5?  10?  Point is it could be done clearly and directly without the hidden stuff that will, mark my words, bite us on the ass in the future.  The Republicans did nothing but whine.  If this mess stays in place there is zero restraint on the Government when they want to help us in any way that they can imagine.  They can force us to do virtually anything.  Think that is an overreach?  If so, I think you should put the bong down long enough to look up the Commerce Clause.  That clause in the holy Constitution of the United States of America has been twisted to give the Feds license to regulate EVERYTHING.  For the lazy, I have put a link to a write up below.

Anyway, that is enough of a rant for the moment.  Just remember that you cannot hope that Government will do the right thing; you have to make it do the right thing.  And providing the legal basis for oppression is just damn stupid.  If there is a problem, healthcare related or otherwise, write simple laws to address those problems specifically.  Simple.

The Commerce Clause in WIKI 

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