Sunday, April 1, 2012

Keith "Crybaby" Olbermann

There are a couple of things that get under my skin.  Ticks, chiggers, suppurating sores and Keith Olbermann.

I was really hoping that this whiny excuse for a man was well and truly out of it when he went to that  dumb vanity outlet run by Gore, Current, but, no.  Freddy Kruger like the world of Media is exposed to yet more Olbermann drama.

I don't want to give this sniveling candy ass any more time than he has already clawed from the precious store allocated to each of us by the gods of Oak, Ash and Thorn except to observe that to have the sort of big media manhood that he thinks he should have (and amusingly swings around, to the danger of no one) YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN AUDIENCE!!!!

Jesus Christ perusing a NAD book but this guy really deserves an ass kicking.  He is like the media equivalent of Paris Hilton: famous for being famous with only a modicum of talent and that talent apparent only on a grainy example that you have to squint at in order to make anything out.
I invited Keith's five viewers over the other day to get their opinion.  Even they were about fed up with this crybaby.  So, Keith, hasta la vista and don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out.

Sorry folks, I had no intention of writing about this jerk, but I saw this column in the Times (NY) and thought to myself "Sandman, Carr has it half right, you better jump in".  Fact, Carr, is that this has nothing to do with pro sports because the number of people who would go to an event to see Olbermann wouldn't fill a damn pisser under the bleachers.  Different.  Just because Olbermann is a whiny liberal dies not give him talent and it sure as hell does not give him an audience.  Actually, the reverse probably.  

Even my liberal friends (yeah, I have a few, I'll tell you about them sometime) would like to kick his ass.  Just for being so damn annoying.

Till next time amigos.


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