Monday, March 19, 2012

More on Mr. Woozer

You know, I've been watching the Republicans self destruct over the past couple of weeks and I gotta say that it has the attraction of watching a train wreck.  I'd really like to write about some other stuff but I find myself staring like a lunatic at their antics.  Correct me if I am wrong but isn't a litmus test of conservative principles the belief that the central government should keeps it's damn paws out of your personal business?  I'm not crazy, right?  The latest is that Mr. Woozer (the  vile Santorum person) has decided that the feds should regulate porn.  WTF is that about?  Like the War On Drugs is such a smashing success that we need the Feds to wage war on porn.  And what is that going to cost us?  And what bureaucracy will that require?  And what liberties will be infringed as the feds go galloping thru every one's computer records to find evidence of ... Porn ...  Jesus Christ.  And, BTW, what the hell is the definition of porn in the first place?  What Woozer thinks it is?  

And, naturally, it's for the children.  

 I'm telling you: This guy is a liberal of the worst sort.  He thinks that the government can cure all ills, and that to do so all we need are more laws.  And, by the way, he knows whats Right and Wrong.  Idiot.  Like I would ever ever ever trust a politician to determine what I should or should not be doing.  The louder one of these lowlifes howls about something the surer I am that whatever it is they are concerned about and don't want you to do is a big part of their lives.  So far Mr. Woozer is upset about gays and porn.  Draw your own conclusions.

I'm ill.

Edited to add:

In case you think I am making this stuff up, let me assure you that even my fertile imagination could not create the madness that is Rick Santorum.  Read his approved message here:
Mark my words folks, this guy is going to destroy the Republican Party if he is nominated and will ensure four more years <shivver> of Mr. O.

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