Monday, June 4, 2012

An American Gun Company

Came across these guys a while back.  Bates & Dittus LLC of Connecticut makes 37 mm products in the USA (which DOES mean something).  Mostly for LE/Military but they sell to civilians too.  Saw the YouTube video this AM and wanted to share.  Look forward to a review of their products in the near future.  Imagine, Connecticut.  Takes  balls to start anything up up there. Anyway, this is the ultimate toy for big boys and damn useful in certain situations.

Click here for the video
Click here for their Facebook page.

Had some fun with one of their products a while back.  A bit bigger than my .22 obsession.  For you ladies out there, they make the thing UNDER the barrel.  37mm is a bit bigger than 5.56mm. 

Just back from overseas.  More when I catch up on my sleep.  You do not want to be in Egypt now.