Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel and Targeted Assassination

While I really do not believe that bad actions justify bad actions, I cannot help but note that whenever Israel engages in actions to defend itself there is an outpouring of second guessing, soul searching and an implicit position among many that Israel is wrong.

I have often wondered at the self restraint of Israel as the target of random acts of violence emanating from across their boarders.  How long, do you think, we would wait to take action if the Canadians randomly lobbed missiles into Buffalo?  Seriously, how long before we'd prepare Toronto for a ground-up urban renewal project?

Yet as Israel is attacked, randomly and ceaselessly, I hear nary a word.  No condemnations of the animals that perpetrate these outrages, no censure from the Arab nations, not a word from the Europeans.

Antisemitism is alive and well.  And the expectation, or perhaps the hope, is that the Israeli's will simply roll over and die quietly.

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