Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Posting names of gun owners

The idiots at the Gannett paper, Journal News, thought that it would be amusing to post the names and addresses of every gun owner in their distribution area, Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties. I wrote a cute comment, reproduced below.

This reminds me of an actress past her prime doing soft core porn to generate a bit more interest. Print news is dead and anything that they can do to generate notoriety will be done. In the present case they did something that, while legal, is simply wrong. Wring and stupid. And they put us all at risk for a cheap PR trick.
In any event the personal contact information for all concerned at the paper can be found at:
We should all know everything about everybody, right Ms. Lambert (n.b. Editor)?

Let me draw your attention to this link: it goes to a blog that has posted the home addresses of the staff at the Journal.  Fair play I think.

You and I don't need the Journal News, or the NYT or any specific source of news and information.  That is because God gave us the Internet.  The world is at your fingertips and you don't need the filtering of the old established sources of information.  Gannett was founded in 1906, BTW.  

In their desperation to be profitable and relevant  the dinosaurs in publishing have used absurd tricks like pay walls and distasteful journalistic practices.  Our pals at the one daunting Time Magazine recently had this as a from cover:

Time.  Can you imagine?  Henry Luce is spinning in his grave and probably would love to come back and kick some ass.  

Back to the fools at the Journal News.  Posting the names of gun owners is bad.  Because you can do something does not give you license to do it,  knowing that is what distinguishes a responsible adult from a child.  I am sure that the Editor,  Ms. Lambert, is not fool and knew just what she was doing.  She was hoping that the notoriety would get her a job in a major market.  Let's face it, Rockland County, N.Y. is not exactly Big Apple territory.  We can only hope that her management will see this silly and dangerous trick for what it is and make sure that this person, of questionable control over her career advancing impulses, is kept far from major markets where she could do real harm.

In any event, public record is public record and I hope that the information regarding Journal News employees is disseminated far and wide.  That is because  contrary to conventional wisdom, two wrongs often make a right.



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