Sunday, January 13, 2013

Immigration and Politics (and Genocide)

In the midst of the gun control madness I noticed this story in the Times (the paper that I love to hate).

I will give a few excerpts:

PHOENIX — Immigration agents arrested the mother and brother of a prominent activist during a raid at her home here late Thursday, unleashing a vigorous response on social media and focusing new attention on one of the most controversial aspects of the Obama administration’s policies on deportation.
The agents knocked on Erika Andiola’s door shortly after 9 p.m., asking for her mother, Maria Arreola.
Ms. Arreola had been stopped by the police in nearby Mesa last year and detained for driving without a license. Her fingerprints were sent to federal immigration officials as part of a controversial program called Secure Communities, which the Obama administration has been trying to expand nationwide.
That routine check revealed that Ms. Arreola had been returned to Mexico in 1998 after she was caught trying to illegally cross the border into Arizona with Erika and two of her siblings in tow. As a result, she was placed on a priority list for deportation.
Fair enough, right?  No.  Not right.  Read on:
After being seized on Thursday, she could have been sent back to Mexico in a matter of hours, but Obama administration officials moved quickly to undo the arrests. Officials had been pressured by the robust response from advocates — through phone calls, e-mails and online petitions, but primarily on Twitter, where they mobilized support for Ms. Andiola, a well-known advocate for young illegal immigrants, under the hashtag #WeAreAndiola.
A few points here.  First, crying should not lessen the impact of the law on one.  It wouldn't for me and it wouldn't for you if they came to take away that nasty rifle with the evil bayonet lug.   The broader point is that politicians (and not just the current President folks) will fellate where necessary to assure their continued employment. They all do it.  Washington is full of Linda Lovelaces, State capitols too.  And the object of desire at the moment is the Hispanic community (lucky man, Miguel).  Why?  Because they are poor, have relatives who see the US as el Dorado and, frankly, can be easily bought, particularly when the idiot Republicans continue their death spiral.  

But this isn't about Hispanics or immigration  per se.  It is about our African-American population and the abuse that they suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of both political party's   

The fact is that young black men are very likely to be arrested and to be unemployed.  Why?  Well, we know that single Mom households are a sure recipe for poverty yet politicians quake in fear at the thought of pointing out that the African-American illegitimacy rate is far greater than for any other group.  In ignoring it they doom yet another generation of Black citizens to 21st century servitude.

Now we see the Democrats angling for Hispanic votes by offering up the possibility of decriminalizing jumping our borders.  Never mind that we could do a hell of a lot better with engineers or doctors or research scientists rather than stoop laborers.  That fact seems to be lost on Democratic voters who swoon with the idea of "doing something" for all those poor brown folks.  But the amazing thing is that Black leadership in this country, rather than screaming at the top of their lungs at the sell out of their people, make noises about "solidarity" and the like.  There is no "solidarity folks.  Illegals are the new darlings of the Progressive Left while blacks are fetching their water ... that is if the job doesn't go to Miguel.

Anyway, the situation is dire for African-Americans, perhaps with the worst prospects that they, as a group, have ever faced yet they remain silent, ill served by the fat cats who pretend to represent their best interests.



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