Sunday, January 6, 2013

Journalistic Responsibility

Just came across the front page review for the darling of the left's heart throb, Sean Penn's new film.

The New York Times, who is on a one paper crusade to disarm the American public extols this film and features this image on their front page.  The New York Times, a paper that takes no personal (corporate?) responsibility for the glorification of violence nor the coarsening of our society.


And why?  Because they fear the intrusion of government into their constitutionally protected sphere.  God forbid that their content be regulated, God forbid that someone ask "do we really need that?"  or "are we as a society better off without such crap?"

Firearms violence is complicated, the arms themselves are part of the problem.  The other part is the role that the media, like the Times, play in creating an environment that is conducive to horrors such as those that occurred in Aurora and Newtown.

The Times (as with other media) revels in calling the kettle black and is proof against the irony of their position.

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