Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Stand closer"

We need to take time out from hyper serious matters to reflect on how seriously stupid human beings can be.  

Seems the young woman below was seriously gored by a Rhino, as reported in the Telegraph.

The thing that amazes me is this quote:

A South African woman on safari was seriously injured when a rhinoceros gored her in the back moments after a game park owner allegedly suggested she stand closer to the animal for a photo.
Look at the bolded text.  Now look at the picture.

I am not sure what is more amazing; that tone idiot suggested going closer or that the other idiot did it.


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  2. What morons.

    It's the "Disneyland" mentality. Those are just plastic rhinos, right?

    It's all over. "Wild river" rafting, someone drowns, and everyone is surprised. What part of "wild river" did you not get? Horseback riding. Do you not get it that these animals, however well trained they may be, are prey animals who panic at anything everything or nothing? Experts get killed on horses all the time.

    It's not a game. Use common sense.